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Hi; my name is Audi Nova and I am an NLP Hypnosis Practitioner. I look forward to introducing you to a fast track trance induction experience and other important science relating to mindfulness, and the science of consciousness.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Do you feel like you are settling for less than you can be? Like maybe you are being left behind or in a rut of the same old, same old, same old. Get off the treadmill of mediocrity. This technology is for you. A course for participants who want to cultivate a fast track to achieve their goals. We know time is probably the most precious resource that, we all have. You have got to have an edge nowadays to not only thrive but to just to keep your head above water. This is yours. You will condition your mind to develop a super focus, filtering out the potential distractions and inefficiencies of your current reality. And project your enhanced power onto the road of your new achievements. Its like you become a super-conducting magnet of positive outcomes. You will find some repetitions in this course. Pay close attention to those areas as they will be very important to commit to memory. When you do decide to explore some of the lessons you will, more understand why, what is happening. All the knowledge from the extensive research has been incorporated into the audios to accelerate your success. All that is required for you to achieve success and become a Master of Your Reality, is for you to use the audios as directed. All else is for broadening the scope of your understanding. You can read that at your leisure. That's it, 8-minutes a day to start building the momentum to manifest the successes that are right for you. Use headphones with the audios. www.audinova.ca

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 It is pressure that transforms a lump of carbon, into a magnificent and beautiful diamond.  You will learn how pressure is created, and how it is directed at goals and dreams, to manifest new realities.  This pressure is unlike physical pressure.  As a matter of fact, it would seem to contradict what we understand about pressure as it relates to the three-dimensional realm.  It is not a confining force in metaphysics that accomplishes great work.  You must think of it more in terms of open focus, somewhat like that of a magnifying lens or a laser.  Light that is passed through a magnifying lens bends and concentrates.  In this process, the medium yields to the instrument of focus.  You are the lens.  The laser works on a somewhat similar principle. 
You will learn to take the amorphous energy that is ever present and focus it into a coherent, concentrated force.  You will become the instrument that brings things into an intense, coherent, focus.  The more open your channel and mind becomes, the more power it accumulates.  The larger the diameter of the magnifying lens, the greater is its power.  When you open your heart and mind up to the universal intention of creation, your understanding of real power will become apparent.  You will  change the program and focus, that currently runs your life.  As the result of using your tools consistently, you will be able to step outside of daily stressors, and within seconds return just as quickly, recharged and focused, with positive life enhancing energy.  The paradox is that you harness all this focused power, not by forcing anything. You harness it by yielding to it, and allowing it to flow through you, unobstructed.  The program or focus that it runs through, is optimized to decrease resistance, minimizing any loss of direction or of power.  The molding and shaping of this reality is created by the force of your intention, which is what melts away the obstructions of counter-productive habits, you have accumulated from the past.

This in a nutshell is what the seed is all about.  It is the magic of metaphysics, the power in true Alchemy.  It is the creative force harnessed.  The extraordinary power of creative love, and complete acceptance of self, as a part of a magical web.   It is the transforming power of miracles, and enhances everything.  The seed, samadhi, nirvana, the zone and god become synonymous once the blast furnace of pure intention has remove all the impurities of fear, resentment, hate and intolerance, producing a consciousness that is 24 karat solid gold.  This consciousness illuminates and purifies everything it, comes in contact with.

9 Signs that you are a Fringe Dweller

1. From a very early age you have known that you were different.

Usually fringe dwellers know there is something different about them, but due to the beliefs and knowledge of the clock watchers, they are thought to be a little weird, or strange, or socially awkward.  That’s not the case, they are just vibrating at a different energy level from the clock watchers.  A lot of the time they torment themselves with questions like, why am I different, why can’t I seem to fit in.  However, eventually what happens is that the fringe dwellers unconsciously seek out other fringe dwellers.  People with normal jobs, normal lives, but somehow think a little differently.

2. You feel the pain of others

Fringe dwellers are highly attuned to other people and are naturally empathetic people.  You seem to feel the emotions and pain of other people, and may seem a very sensitive to the plight of others.  This is completely natural, but you do have to be careful not to overexpose yourself to other peoples pain.

3. You feel there is something more to this life

You have probably asked the question a thousand times: What the hell is this life all about, surely there has to be more than living in the clock watchers world? Day by day, month by month, part of the answer is revealed to you.

4. You get bored easily with life

The thought of a great job, with a great salary, a great pension and lots of benefits bores the pants of you.  You want to live life, experience the unknown, start your own business, write a book, anything to stop the boredom of the tick tock life.

5. You are highly creative

Fringe dwellers are by nature creative people.  They have tapped into a higher consciousness which requires them to let their spirits be a little more creative and to express it in different ways: the arts, writing, talking about something more than the latest celebrity gossip.

6. You NEED a lot of alone time

You crave some alone time as the world of the clock watchers seems to get too much for you sometimes.  You find yourself attracted to nature, to the woods, to the sea to the hills where everything feels just as it should, free, natural and beautiful.  No this is not some hippy speak, it’s a craving to be alone and a lot of this alone time feels better when in nature.

7. Little coincidences are happening more in your life

You might have noticed that you are in the right place at the right time, or you found a book just when you needed it, or you bumped into someone who was able to help you with a problem.  Little, seemingly, coincidences like this will happen more and more as you open yourself up to your higher consciousness.  You will also find that you are more able to attract what you want in life and become part of The Magic

8. You are attracted to lots of different spiritual teachings

Fringe dwellers are not usually stuck in their ways and question all religion, but are open minded enough to read and find out more about the spiritual practices of different religious groups.  They strip the man made stuff out of religion and are able to focus on the essence of the teachings.  You are also open to experimenting with different spiritual practices and see the benefit of a wide range of practices as it raises a different part of your energy.

9. You don’t want a normal job

Fringe dwellers are often entrepreneurs, or people who go to different countries to offer their services to a charity to help others, or to save the trees, or the pandas in some remote part of the world.  A normal job to you is like putting a hot needle in your eye, it’s painful to even think about it.  You are here to change the world, and raise the consciousness of the world that little bit more, so don’t be afraid of being a fringe dweller, embrace it and go change the world.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

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